• There's More War in the Classroom Than You Think

    by William Hitchcock and Meghan Herwig

    Whatever the causes of the decline in history enrollments, it's not because history departments have rejected the study of war and military history. 

  • CRT Debate "Abstract and Uninformed," Says AHA President

    by Jacqueline Jones

    "CRT does not explain all of American history; rather, it provides insights into why achieving the ideals enshrined in the Founders’ declaration that “all men are created equal” has been so elusive over the centuries."

  • Hourlong Wisconsin Legislative Debate over "Critical Race Theory" and Teaching History

    "Teachers do not deliberately set out to make students feel bad about themselves. The problem this bill seems to identify, that Wisconsin's teachers intentionally or otherwise want to make students feel bad, is simply not real," said Jeremy Stoddard, a University of Wisconsin-Madison curriculum and instruction professor.

  • The Slippery Matter of "Truth" in Patriotic Education

    by Timothy Messer-Kruse

    The history of patriotic education shows very little concern with facts as the basis of patriotic feeling. It's not clear that today's conservative claims to promote more "factual" history hold up to scrutiny. 

  • The Void That Critical Race Theory Was Created to Fill

    by Lauren Michelle Jackson

    Legal Scholar Lauren Michelle Jackson argues that liberal defenders of Critical Race Theory have sanded the edges off a body of scholarship that does aim to radically change the way that power is constituted through law. 

  • American Education Is Founded on White Race Theory

    In the 1890s the National Education Association worked to standardize the national secondary curriculum, deciding what subjects were worthy of study, and in the process developing a white supremacist curriculum in history. 

  • Texas Senate Declares War on History

    by Julian Zelizer

    "Though much of the debate is being framed as being about "Critical Race Theory" -- a term that is politically useful since most Americans have no idea what it means -- it's really about teaching the history of race relations and civil rights."

  • Is There an Uncontroversial Way to Teach America’s Racist History?

    Vox's Sean Illing interviews historian Jarvis R. Givens, an expert on African American education, about the idea that, while Black teachers have been practicing antiracist education for generations, the idea becomes controversial when implemented in classrooms where White students learn. 

  • The Bright Side of a Bad Texas History Bill? It’s Too Late to Whitewash the Past

    by John Morán González and Benjamin H. Johnson

    "The authors of HB 3979 assume that teachers left to their own devices will present their students with the dark and vexing chapters of Texas history. Perhaps on some level they realize that control over the narrative of Texas history has escaped their grasp."

  • The Fog of History Wars

    by David W. Blight

    Nations have histories, and someone must write and teach them, but the 1990s battle over the National Standards for History remains a warning to all those who try – setting a history curriculum is politics by other means, and the right has always been willing to fight over it.

  • Who Gets to Decide What is History?

    Education Historian Jonathan Zimmerman tells the Monitor that denying the presence of racism in the past is bad policy and that students must be able to consider and debate expert views on what racism has meant in American history.