Andrew Jackson

  • Why Andrew Jackson Believed in Gun Control

    by Anders Walker

    Andrew Jackson loved guns, but his correspondence with John C. Calhoun from 1818 shows that he believed that the Second Amendment didn't guarantee an individual right to own them and that regulation was key to public safety. 

  • Trump Is Hobbling the Mail the Old-fashioned Way

    by Winifred Gallagher

    If Republicans wanted to limit voter turnout and raise doubts about the election’s integrity, creating chaos within the Postal Service and undermining its independence would be an efficient way to pursue that goal.   

  • The New York Times Covers the “Clash of the Historians” at SHEAR

    by John Fea

    An early Americanist reflects on the controversy stirred up by the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic's virtual plenary and its coverage in the mainstream media, and asks whether these are the battles historians should be fighting right now. 

  • Trump Is the New ________

    by Zachary Jonathan Jacobson

    Nixon? Reagan? Jackson? Historical analogies are simplistic, misleading—and absolutely essential.