• Black Lives Matter Misses the Point About Cuba

    by Jorge Felipe Gonzalez

    American activists who recognize the antiracist achievements of the revolutionary Cuban government miss the ways that that government's authoritarianism and more recent economic policies disproportionately harm Afro-Cuban people. 

  • Daphne Brooks on Truth-Telling Music

    African American Studies scholar Daphne Brooks tells the back stories of Black women in music and the cultural impact of their songs. 

  • 3 Tropes of White Victimhood

    by Lawrence B. Glickman

    "In the conservative world, the idea that white people in the United States are under siege has become doctrine." Lawrence Glickman evaluates the major rhetorical tropes of this doctrine and finds that they have a 150-year history dating back to Reconstruction. 

  • Bouie: America Punishes Only a Certain Kind of Rebel

    by Jamelle Bouie

    Impunity for the leaders of the Confederacy enabled the bloody overthrow of Reconstruction and the reestablishment of white supremacy. The mistake must not be repeated for the January 6 riots. 

  • Redlining, Race, and the Color of Money

    by Garrett Dash Nelson

    "Redlining maps reveal how the federal government managed risk for capital—a role that has perpetuated inequality long after the end of explicit discrimination in the housing market."

  • Blackness and the Bomb

    by Erica X. Eisen

    "Throughout the atomic age, civil defense authorities demanded the active participation of Black citizens whom their measures failed to protect."

  • The Far Right’s College Crusade

    "As some campus Republicans move toward the far right, what was previously an assault on higher education from groups based largely outside academe has become an inside job."

  • Racist Mural Puts Tate Galleries in a Bind

    Portions of a Rex Whistler mural in the Tate's restaurant contain racially offensive images. The work as a whole is protected by British heritage laws and can't be altered, putting the museum in a bind between preservation and cultural sensitivity.