• DeSantis Knows Path to Victory Runs Through Right-Wing Churches

    by Katherine Stewart

    Ron DeSantis's efforts to outflank Donald Trump to win the allegiance of Christian nationalists will determine whether he can become the GOP nominee. The lengths he's gone to already to court that constituency should scare supporters of democracy. 

  • Church discovered under castle

    Experts believe that the church is one of the most important archaeological finds in Britain, as it pre-dates both the castle and the Norman Conquest.Construction workers have also unearthed eight skeletons in the Norman building, believed to be the remains of powerful and wealthy people.Cecily Spall, an archaeologist on the site, said the find was hugely significant for Lincoln. “The information we can get from this undocumented church is gold dust,” she said.“Historical documents only tell part of the story for this area so this find is very special.”...