• It’s 2086. This Is What American History Could Look Like

    by Jon Grinspan and Peter Manseau

    Think it's ridiculous that the likes of "QAnon Shaman" could be venerated and memorialized in 75 years? Think about Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. The "judgment of history" depends on action today.

  • So What if They Made the Trains Run on Time?

    by Rafael Medoff

    Sen. Bernie Sanders’s praise for some policies of the Cuban and Soviet regimes speaks to a broader question that has long attracted public interest: Should our view of authoritarian governments be affected by the fact that their trains run on time?

  • Nazis Have Always Been Trolls

    by Adam Serwer

    Historically, they rely on murderous insincerity and the unwillingness of liberal societies to see them for what they are.

  • Masha Gessen: Are Totalitarianisms Like Snowflakes?

    Masha Gessen is a journalist in Moscow and the author of “The Man Without a Face,” a biography of Vladimir Putin.MOSCOW — Just saying that a Jew should have been made into a lampshade does not make you an anti-Semite, or so a prominent columnist asserted recently. And just because both Nazism and Soviet Communism were totalitarian regimes does not mean they are comparable. Such arguments, counterarguments and variations of them have dominated Russian blogs, social networks and some of the traditional media for the last week.