social media

  • Why Washington Can't (or Won't) Quit Twitter

    Tech historian Margaret O'Mara says that the social platform keeps work-addicted (and sometimes gossipy) politicos connected all the time, making it both an emotional and instrumental necessity. 

  • #AcademicTwitter Isn't Collapsing – At Least Not Yet

    Twitter heavyweight Kevin Kruse says there is a danger that proposed changes to account verification could erode trust on the site, which could make him bail out. Ruth Ben-Ghiat and Mark Anthony Neal note many scholars like them have invested too much in their networks to make the decision lightly.

  • Musk: A Vapid Mind Boosted by Wealth and Ego

    by Siva Vaidhyanathan

    What happens when an unserious person has serious power over public discourse? We must take Musk more seriously than he seems to take anything himself. 

  • Twitter is Just Fine

    by John Warner

    Twitter "can be a terrible place, but it is also a place that – at least for me – has been far more welcoming and supportive of my academic pursuits than academia itself ever managed."

  • Confident that Ukraine is Winning the Info War? Think Again

    by Carl Miller

    Westerners are likely to shun Russian propaganda and mock its falsehoods; social media network research suggests that Russia isn't interested in convincing Westerners, and it may be reaching its intended audience quite effectively. 

  • A New Kind of Memory for a New Kind of War?

    by Shannon Bontrager

    "The terrain of combat has changed, digital images are just as important as ammunition and digital platforms are just as important as factories and military hardware."

  • How Twitter Explains the Civil War (and Vice Versa)

    by Ariel Ron

    Violence in the Capitol a year ago called to mind events like Preston Brooks's brutal caning of Charles Sumner. But a closer look shows that, like today, antebellum politics were disrupted and made volatile by revolutions in communciation technology. 

  • Veracity or Virality? How Social Media are Transforming History

    by Jason Steinhauer

    History is a growing content category on social media, but history content going viral has very little to do with its quality or reliability. The author of a new book on history on social media says historians and readers need to understand how political agendas and content algorithms are shaping history on the web.