sex scandals

  • ‘Colorado College’s Own Harvey Weinstein’

    Investigation documents how an early president of the college harassed and assaulted numerous women. Board strips his name from two buildings and revokes his honorary degree.

  • What a medieval love saga says about modern-day sexual harassment

    by Lisa Bitel

    One famous 12th-century saga involved a young philosopher, Abelard, and his teenage student Héloise. The story has many similarities with news of modern-day aggressors, with one major exception: None of today’s harassers has suffered medieval punishment.

  • New Fox Series: Bill Clinton's Scandals

    The first seven-episode installment chronicles the events that ultimately led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton during the 1990s.

  • Until 1975, ‘Sexual Harassment’ Was the Menace With No Name

    Thanks to journalist-turned activist Lin Farley and the consciousness-raising efforts of the 1970s women’s movement, the newly coined term would not just help women give voice to their experiences: It would change U.S. law and life in the workplace.

  • Liberals, make some distinctions

    by Jonathan Zimmerman

    ‘Zero tolerance’ didn’t work in schools and it won’t work with sexual misconduct.

  • The Father of Modern Libraries Was a Serial Sexual Harasser

    Melvil Dewey is remembered today as an innovator who ushered American librarianship into the modern age, but his pattern of sexual harassment was so egregious that women dared to speak out against it, at a time when women were harshly judged for reporting sexual harassment.