• To Navigate the Dangers of the Web, You Need Critical Thinking – But Also Critical Ignoring

    by Sam Wineburg

    "Learning to ignore information is not something taught in school. School teaches to read a text thoroughly and closely before rendering judgment. But on the web, where a witches’ brew of advertisers, lobbyists, conspiracy theorists and foreign governments conspire to hijack attention, critical ignoring is just as important as critical thinking."

  • The Joke’s on Us

    Communications scholar Whitney Phillips argues that the irony-drenched culture of the internet allowed serious white supremacy, nazism and misogyny to flourish unchecked. From the Klan to the Nazis, the far right has benefitted from sowing confusion about what was serious and what was a joke. 

  • The Internet at 50: Four Steps in Transforming the Digital World

    by Harlan Lebo

    The internet may have been “born” in October 1969, but it then percolated for years as complex, near-impenetrable masses of data stored in computers around the world. Online technology would evolve for more than two decades before it would become practical for everyone to use. 

  • The Technologists' Siren Song

    by W. Patrick McCray

    Tech buzzwords are a tepid substitute for robust analysis and honest critique.