Theodore Roosevelt

  • Celebs Using TR's Quote are Missing the Point

    by Michael Patrick Cullinane

    Like so much of the past, Roosevelt's "Man in the Arena" speech has been hijacked by the cult of individualism. Its real message, about our collective obligations to work for democracy, need to be brought back to light. 

  • Post Editors: Statue or No, Teddy Roosevelt's Complex Legacy is Still with Us

    It's appropriate for Theodore Roosevelt's statue to be removed from its position as a figurehead for the Museum of Natural History, but just as appropriate for the statue to be housed in the new Roosevelt Presidential Library where TR's complicated legacy can be more fully addressed, say the Post's editorial board members.

  • Josh Hawley’s Virtual Reality

    Writer Gilad Edelman says that Josh Hawley's book twists the history of antitrust policy to fit the needs of today's Republican culture war against the social media giants. 

  • Teddy Roosevelt and Josh Hawley's History Lessons

    by David Goldfischer

    Josh Hawley wrote a 2008 biography of Theodore Roosevelt balancing praise of the former president's vision of democracy with condemnation of his grasping for power. One wonders how the author of this book could have acted as the Senator did on January 6. 

  • Who Owns Theodore Roosevelt?

    by Clay Risen

    From Elizabeth Warren to Mike Pence, politicians want to claim America’s 26th president as their inspiration. They might want to reconsider.

  • Teddy vs. Trump: The Art of the Square Deal

    by Doris Kearns Goodwin

    Roosevelt’s evolution as a dealmaker defined his presidency—and offers profound lessons to the current occupant of the Oval Office.

  • Hardly Like Trump!

    by John R. Van Atta

    How the Rough Riders made Theodore Roosevelt a “celebrity hero.”