Roe v. Wade

  • We're Facing the Results of the Dems' Retreat from Secularism

    by Jacques Berlinerblau

    By trying to match the Republicans on bringing Christian faith into policy, Democrats abandoned the difficult but necessary struggles to define how a diverse society protects religious freedom for majority and minority faiths – and those of no faith. 

  • The Antiabortion Movement's Victory in the War of Language

    by Jennifer L. Holland

    The antiabortion movement was able to overcome American skepticism of enshrining religious views into law and demands by women for full citizenship by turning the language of rights to apply to fetuses. It remains to be seen if this language will lead to a national ban on abortion in the name of fetal personhood. 

  • Originalists Seriously Misconstrue the Constitution's Silences on Abortion

    by Laura Briggs

    Samuel Alito would argue that the Constitution's silence on abortion means the founders recognized no right to it. But it's more likely they understood abortion to be a common act that didn't intersect with the business of the government. 

  • The Republicans are Accelerating the War on Abortion Rights

    Although two thirds of Americans favor some abortion rights, legal historian Mary Ziegler says the new composition of the Supreme Court means state legislatures will boldly pursue what they really want: totally outlawing abortion. 

  • Every Woman Needs Access to Abortion

    by Claire Potter

    "If SCOTUS overturns Roe, every civil right that Americans have gained since the 1940s is up for grabs. That’s not partisan propaganda: that’s the truth."

  • Wednesday's Arguments Signal the End of Roe

    by Mary Ziegler

    "Today’s oral argument signaled that the Court is poised to reverse Roe outright when it decides Dobbs, probably sometime in June or early July," says a leading legal historian of abortion rights.

  • Rebecca Traister: Betrayal of Roe Decades in the Making

    Liberal anger at the prospect of SCOTUS overturning the right to abortion needs to grapple with why liberalism ignored the right's long-building anti-majoritarian movement when it threatened the needs of mostly marginalized people. 

  • Reframing Abortion as a Public Good

    by Judith Levine

    "States have a compelling interest—a profound obligation—to defend the right to abortion. Abortion is a public good. Why haven’t we linked abortion to the commonweal?"

  • Texas Allows Abortion to Save a Woman's Life. Right?

    American hospitals by the 1950s formed "therapeutic abortion committees" to rule whether individual women needed abortions to protect their lives. Those committees' decisions reflected religious morality, class and racial prejudice, and other subjective perceptions of a patient's worthiness. 

  • Americans Sought Safer Abortions in Mexico Before Roe, Too

    by Lina-Maria Murillo

    "No matter what antiabortion crusaders try, pregnant people will always find ways to have abortions — and networks that go beyond borders have long helped them navigate treatment options."

  • Texas Republicans Have Cleared the Path to End Roe v. Wade

    by Mary Ziegler

    A Texas appeals court decision may lead to a Supreme Court case that will test whether the current justices can accommodate a public respect for precedent with a political preference for outlawing abortion. 

  • The Abortion Fight Has Never Been About Just Roe v. Wade

    by Mary Ziegler

    "The abortion debate has never been about just Roe—and it’s never been about letting a popular majority have a say. What’s new is that this argument now meets a receptive Supreme Court for the first time in more than a generation."

  • The Case to End the Supreme Court as We Know It

    by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

    The Supreme Court has historically supported democratic and egalitarian change only when forced by social movements. People must stop looking to the power invested in the court and start looking for the power latent in themselves.