• The Dangerous Trend of Imperial Nostalgia – It's not Just Russia

    by Lawrence Wittner

    The embrace of the belief that nations are entitled to reclaim their past dominance underlies Russia's invasion of Ukraine but also is influencing the politics of Britain, France, China, and the United States. A renewed commitment to international cooperation is needed to thwart this dangerous turn. 

  • Democracy's Enemies are Abroad, but Also at Home

    by Jim Sleeper

    If neoconservative warnings of a coming global struggle between Russia and "the West" are right, the west must consider what changes it is willing to make to allow for a victory without planetery catastrophe. 

  • Ukraine's Nuclear Flash Point

    by Michael Klare

    With Russia's invasion of Ukraine backstopped by a nuclear arsenal, the days when nuclear war was unthinkable have clearly passed. 

  • Is this the End of the Russian Empire?

    by Walter Russell Mead

    Historic empires have all ultimately faced a moment of reckoning when the reality of their fading power overcomes triumphal myths. The next phase of fighting in Ukraine will determine if that moment has come for Putin's Russia. 

  • Moving Beyond Sanctions to End the War in Ukraine

    by Alfred McCoy

    "While the world waits for the other combat boot to drop hard, it’s already worth considering where the West went wrong in its efforts to end this war, while exploring whether anything potentially effective is still available to slow the carnage."

  • We Need to Talk About Cuba

    by Joseph J. González

    U.S. policymakers should understand that Putin may observe the sixtieth anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis by provoking another one. 

  • How So Many Were Wrong Assessing Russia's Military

    by Phillips Payson O’Brien

    As Mike Tyson so eloquently put it, “Everyone has a plan until they are punched in the mouth.” What we are seeing today in Ukraine is the result of a purportedly great military being punched in the mouth.

  • Confident that Ukraine is Winning the Info War? Think Again

    by Carl Miller

    Westerners are likely to shun Russian propaganda and mock its falsehoods; social media network research suggests that Russia isn't interested in convincing Westerners, and it may be reaching its intended audience quite effectively. 

  • 7 Worst-Case Scenarios in Ukraine

    by Niall Ferguson

    The invasion of Ukraine is testing the arguments made by social psychologist Stephen Pinker that the world is getting more peaceful and less supportive of war. 

  • More War Crimes Will Follow in Ukraine

    by Fred Zilian

    To those who believed that war and war crimes in Europe in the 21st century had become unthinkable, Thucydides offers us a simple yet powerful statement: “War is a violent teacher.”

  • Over a River Strangely Rosy: Reading Poetry in Wartime

    by Joan Neuberger

    "It’s my job to explain things about Russia and its various incarnations of empire. I know how to do that — I’ve been doing it for a long time. But, in this moment, analysis seems to me to be somehow incomprehensible and profoundly unsatisfying."