teaching history

  • Texas Senate Declares War on History

    by Julian Zelizer

    "Though much of the debate is being framed as being about "Critical Race Theory" -- a term that is politically useful since most Americans have no idea what it means -- it's really about teaching the history of race relations and civil rights."

  • ‘Historical Distortions’ Test South Korea’s Commitment to Free Speech

    The South Korean government's efforts to police discussion of historical events, aimed at suppressing right-wing theories about the country's democratization movement, are an exceptional example of the tension between allowing free debate and the corrosive effects of conspiracy theories. 

  • There Is No Debate Over Critical Race Theory

    by Ibram X. Kendi

    "Republican operatives... are effectively debating themselves. They have conjured an imagined monster to scare the American people and project themselves as the nation’s defenders from that fictional monster."

  • Douthat: The War that Made Our World

    Columnist Ross Douthat argues that greater attention to the French and Indian War can support a view of history that embraces the complexity of the past without falling into simplistic patriotism or cynicism. 

  • Critical Race Theory is Just the New Buzzword in Conservatives’ War on Campuses

    by Lauren Lassabe

    "When understood in this historical context, it becomes clear that complaints about critical race theory are not genuine objections to one type of idea or teaching. Instead, this grievance is part of a far longer and larger campaign to reshape campuses by elevating conservative views and quashing liberal ones."

  • America’s History Wars, Race, and the Flag

    by Simon Schama

    "The jarring discrepancy between the “self-evident” truth of human equality asserted in the Declaration of Independence and the brutal reality of America’s founding being built on the backs of the enslaved is not, then, some contemporary piety of the 'woke'."

  • To Understand the History Wars, Follow the Paper Trail

    by James Grossman and Jeremy C. Young

    "This is the legislative equivalent of push-polling — creating division where none exists, raising fears about something that isn’t even happening to score political points."

  • The Republican Plot to Ban LGBTQ History in Public Schools

    So-called "Don't Say Gay" laws seek to restrict the teaching of LGBTQ history in schools or allow students to opt out of individual lessons. Historians Anthony Mora, Marc Stein and Charles Kaiser discuss the politics of moral panic.

  • Ross Douthat: What Progressives Want, and What Conservatives Are Fighting

    Times columnist Ross Douthat looks at the latest battle in the history curriculum wars and concludes that progressive efforts to tell hidden stories about the American past have bled into efforts to craft radical narratives that the nation's founding is inherently corrupted by racism.