teaching history

  • Where Americans Agree and Disagree on Teaching Race in School

    Polls show that 2/3 of Americans think schools need to change how much attention they give to race in the curriculum, but they are split, along party and racial lines, between those who want more and those who want less, making this likely to remain a political wedge issue.

  • With Educational Gag Orders, The Vagueness is the Point

    The failure of states to offer precise guidance for which lessons are acceptable and which aren't suggests that "divisive concepts" laws and other legislation are intended to chill teachers' ability to discuss politically sensitive subjects. 

  • Richard Cohen Shows It's Not Just Historians Teaching History

    by Douglas Brinkley

    A reviewer is intrigued by a new book's argument that memory and understanding of the past is shaped, for better and worse, by storytellers, artists, and filmmakers, who help determine which bits of the past stick in our consciousness. 

  • Why Iowa Students are Walking Out in Protest

    Restrictions on "divisive concepts" are among the legislative developments that make Iowa high school students fear their educations are being treated as a political football. 

  • Woody Holton Still Fighting the American Revolution

    "I knew history buffs would want a narrative, and I was happy to provide one, since one of my main points is that women’s, Indigenous, military, and all the other histories transpired on the same timeline, constantly influencing each other."

  • PEN Report: More than 1,000 Books Banned in US

    PEN found that 86 school districts had removed 1,145 titles from their shelves over the last nine months, some permanently and others while an investigation was under way.

  • Nationwide, Faculty Fight for Academic Freedom

    by Ellen Schrecker

    "When they act collectively, professors have the power to protect academic freedom and the desire to teach the truth. Let us hope they also have the will."

  • Review: Researching and Writing History in the Digital Age

    by Steven Mintz

    Zachary Schrag's new Princeton Guide to Historical Research is a fresh update to discussions of historical method that meshes with the urgent pursuit of relevance in the discipline and the involvement of history in public political debate.

  • Lies We Teach to Kids about the Reconstruction Era

    by Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

    "The narrative of Reconstruction perpetuated by many state social studies standards is part of a longer and larger struggle over the past, the latest episode of which can be seen in a rash of new restrictions on what teachers can tell young people about our nation’s history.

  • You Can't Teach "Pros and Cons" When it Comes to Empire

    by Priya Satia

    Far from encouraging critical thinking, the "balance sheet" approach to teaching historical atrocities like slavery or imperialism flatters the mythologies created by the powerful to excuse violence against others, says a historian of empire and parent of a high school student. 

  • What Happens When Kids Get Their History from Video Games?

    Bret Devereaux is trying to lead fellow historians to understand the influence a number of popular strategy games have for students understanding of both historical fact and the "mechanics" of historical change.