Equal Rights Amendment

  • How to Get Americans To Embrace Constitutional Amendments Again

    by Kate Shaw and Julie K. Suk

    As recent Supreme Court decisions on guns and abortion rights have made many Americans fear the loss of basic rights, reviving the effort to pass the Equal Rights Amendment can remind Americans that nine people in robes don't have to be the final authority on the Constitution. 

  • Who has Been Left Out of the History of the Equal Rights Amendment Battle? Men

    by Rebecca DeWolf

    Putting men back into the story of the ERA – both as opponents and advocates – helps to show that the Amendment was a struggle over whether sex should define opportunity and citizenship, not just a screen for projecting differing ideas of womanhood. 

  • Registering Women for the Draft Wouldn’t be a Big Departure from the Past

    by Kara Dixon Vuic

    An odd alliance of the ACLU and the antifeminist National Coalition for Men is petitioning the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling exempting women from registering with the Selective Service and potentially being drafted into the military. Many voices have long advocated this change. 

  • There’s Nothing Good About Phyllis Schlafly

    by Eileen Jones

    "Mrs. America", the new miniseries about Phyllis Schlafly, doesn’t want us to come away with a harsh view of its subject. But we should: Schlafly’s right-wing views were consistently monstrous, doing untold damage to the country.

  • 'Mrs. America' Makes the Case for Messy History

    In allowing various perspectives to shine through, "Mrs. America" takes a piece of the past that, through the work of time, has been smoothed of its rough edges and grants it complexity.

  • The True Story of ‘Mrs. America’

    In the new miniseries, feminist history, dramatic storytelling and an all-star-cast bring the Equal Rights Amendment back into the spotlight.