Underground Railroad

  • The Heroes of Ripley, Ohio

    by David Goodrich

    David Goodrich bicycled 3,000 miles along the routes of the Underground Railroad, encountering the places of history from a new perspective. This excerpt follows him through the Ohio-Kentucky borderland and across the river that marked free territory. 

  • Some Escaped Slavery Without Escaping the South

    by Viola Franziska Müller

    The majority of people escaping slavery before Emancipation never crossed the Mason-Dixon line, finding a measure of freedom in southern cities. 

  • William Still Preserved the Black History of Abolition at a Time of Danger

    by Julia W. Bernier

    After emancipation, the meticulous records William Still kept about the fellow Black people he helped to reach freedom became a tool in a different struggle: to fight against the erasure of Black humanity and power by proponents of Jim Crow and the Lost Cause. 

  • William Still: Forgotten Father of the Underground Railroad

    by Andrew Diemer

    William Still died in 1902 as one of the most famous and well-respected Black men in America. But since, the quiet nature of his work and his preference to preserve the stories of the individuals he helped to find freedom have diminished his standing among abolitionist heroes. 

  • Maryland Governor Proclaims Year of Harriet Tubman

    Governor Larry Hogan observed the 200th anniversary of the birth of the famed freedom fighter and encouraged visitors to state and federal sites in the state that preserve the history of slavery and the Underground Railroad.