• Fed Up with Emails from Democratic Pols? You're Not Alone

    by Lara Putnam and Micah Sifry

    The Democratic Party's strategy of electronic communications to raise fear and money is backfiring, as voters see little change despite their contributions. The party must reach people at their doorsteps, not through their inboxes. 

  • Should Black Northerners Move Back to the South?

    by Tanisha C. Ford

    Historian Tanisha C. Ford reviews Charles M. Blow's book, which advocates for a Reverse Great Migration to empower both Black Americans and progressive policies. She concludes it's an intriguing idea but oversimplifies the history of migration, disenfranchisement, and activism by Black southerners and their allies.

  • The Political Scientist Who Warned Us About Polls

    by David Greenberg

    Political scientist Lindsay Rogers had been warning about the inadequacies of polling for years before the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" prediction. It appears the news media has failed to learn from his advice. 

  • Veterans Go to Washington--So What?

    by Nan Levinson

    Speculation about the effects of electing veterans to national office is seldom historically informed. Although it's assumed military experience and leadership would shape a legislator's vote, today's partisanship is probably the biggest influence. 

  • Might the Coronavirus Be a Peacemaker?

    Historian Tom Engleheart uses his past book "The End of Victory Culture" to propose how politics may function in a post-coronavirus world.

  • The Ditherer-in-Chief

    by Edward J. Larson

    Previous presidents have cemented their legacies by acting decisively in times of crisis. Trump… not so much.

  • Prudence in a Storm

    by Yuval Levin

    Restrained action in a crisis is no wiser than panic in normal times.