Justice Department

  • Ramsey Clark, Attorney General and Rebel With a Cause, Dies at 93

    Ramsey Clark's tenure as Attorney General saw the aggressive enforcement of civil rights law; his liberalism strained his relationship with Lyndon Johnson, who blamed Clark in part for energizing the "silent majority" that led Richard Nixon to victory. He continued in private life to represent unpopular defendants and oppose American militarism.

  • William Barr Is Out as Attorney General

    William Barr disappointed both those who expected him to support the traditional independence of the Justice Department and Donald Trump, who expected him to use the full power of the DOJ to attack Joe Biden and his family. 

  • What Really Saved the Republic From Trump?

    by Tim Wu

    The apparent success of the electoral process in 2020 is not a tribute to the Constitutional separation of powers, which has largely failed. A different set of institutional norms prevented Trump from abusing executive power to subvert the will of the voters, but Americans should not be confident that this will hold in the future. 

  • "My Entire Career has Led Me to this Project": HNN Interviews Kevin Kruse

    by Chelsea Connolly and Hana Hancock

    "This pandemic is global in scale and personal in impact, and as a result, it’s touching and transforming virtually every topic that historians have studied. We have a duty to share our insights with the larger world. They’re interested in what we have to say. (And, let’s remember, most of them are stuck at home looking for something to read!)"