Study shows many Austrians see country as victim of Nazis

New research reveals more than three in 10 Austrians consider their country the first victim of Nazi Germany.

SORA researcher Günther Ogris and historian Oliver Rathkolb said today (Tues) they found that 36.5 per cent of Austrians claimed that Austria – which was annexed by the Third Reich in March 1983 – was dictator Adolf Hitler’s first victim. Only 25 per cent dismiss this theory, they added....

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Nicholas Clifford - 6/30/2010

I remember hearing an interview on NPR, years ago (probably the time of the Waldheim controversy), with an American priest working in Vienna (name forgotten), who said that the great mistake of the Allies had been the Moscow Declaration of 1943 (signed by the UK, US, USSR) which identified Austria as the first "victim" of the Nazis.
That declaration was made presumably to try to spark an Austrian resistance movement against the Germans, but I don't think any such movement ever developed. And then, after the war, it provided (according to the inteviewee) a much too convenient way for the Austrians to claim victimhood and its benefits.

Here's the text of the relevant part of the Declaration:
"The Governments of the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and the United States of America are agreed that Austria, the first free country to fall a victim to Hitlerite aggression, shall be liberated from German domination."

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