Australian Minister supports 'racist' lecturer

A LAW professor banned from taking classes after making alleged racist remarks should be allowed to continue teaching at a Sydney university, Federal Education Minister Brendan Nelson says.

The minister tonight weighed into the controversy involving Macquarie University's Associate Professor Andrew Fraser, who was locked out of his classroom today and replaced as a lecturer on the orders of the university's vice-chancellor, Professor Di Yerbury.
Professor Yerbury said Professor Fraser would not teach until further notice, but could continue to carry out research work and other duties if he wished.

The university last month cautioned Canadian-born Professor Fraser over a letter he wrote to a suburban newspaper, claiming Australia was becoming a Third World colony by allowing non-white immigration.

A lecturer at Macquarie University for 29 years, Professor Fraser recently said African migration increased crime, HSC results pointed to a rising ruling class of Asians, and Australia should withdraw from refugee conventions.

Macquarie University suspended Professor Fraser's classes after he issued a public statement last week, refusing an offer by the university to retire one year early.

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