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Clockwise from top: Michelle Rhee, former DC schools chancellor and school reform advocate (Credit: Ira Harris); Students at DREAM Charter School in New York City (Credit: Flickr/{* ferris!); Teachers on strike in Chicago (Credit: Flickr/br5ad).

Commentary: Historians

  • Ronald W. Evans: Chicago Teachers Strike a Blow Against Testing (9-17-12)
  • Mark Naison: Why Business Leaders Make a Mess When They Are Put in Charge of Schools (7-2-12)
  • Alan Singer: Beware the Education–Industrial Complex (4-16-12)
  • Mark Naison: What is Lost When Teaching as a Lifetime Calling is Undermined (6-4-12)
  • Ronald W. Evans: The Tragic Lost Opportunity of School Reform (2-20-12)\
  • David A. Walsh: School Reform Grudge Match: Diane Ravitch vs. Steven Brill (8-31-11)
  • Sheldon and Jeremy Stern: Run Down by Traffic in Both Directions: Is it Possible to Have a Rational Discussion of State U.S. History Standards? (3-1-11)
  • Jonathan Zimmerman: Education Programs Lack Intellect (3-3-11)
  • Diane Ravitch: I Stand With the Teachers of Wisconsin (2-22-11)
  • Jonathan Zimmerman: A Little Shame Goes a Long Way (2-14-11)
  • Ronald W. Evans: History Left Behind in Education (1-30-11)
  • Stephen Brockmann: Sorry for the Destruction of the Humanities (1-27-11)
  • Jonathan Zimmerman: How to Seize a Sputnik Moment (1-27-11)
  • Sheldon M. Stern: Remembrance of General Education Past (1-16-11)
  • Jonathan Zimmerman: Americans Think They're Too Smart to Work Hard (12-14-10)
  • Mark Naison: In Defense of Public School Teachers (12-2-10)

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