All quiet on the 1812 front in Canada

The nice girl in Premier Jean Charest's office was confused.

- "You're the one who called about World War I," she told the reporter.

- "Not World War I," the reporter said patiently. "The War of 1812. I'm trying to find out if Quebec has any plans for the 200th anniversary."

It's a simple enough question. But when it comes to the war best known for the Star Spangled Banner, Laura Secord and Isaac Brock, it seems most people in Quebec - even in the premier's office - draw a blank.

The countdown is on for celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of the three-year conflict between the United States and Britain. Across Ontario, historic forts are being spruced up, new visitor centres built, heritage parks created, plays written and documentaries filmed. Historical re-enactors and tall ships are booked years in advance....

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