Most Popular Articles of 2011 Published by HNN


The articles are arranged in chronological order. We selected the two most popular articles published by HNN in each month.


Comparing the Modern Tea Party to the Original
Barbara Smith

Trashing the Tea Party Movement by Trashing the American Revolution
Thomas Fleming

The Challenges of 1848 Reprised in the Middle East Today
Tim Roberts

Historical Fiction and the ‘Gaps’ in Academic History
John Willingham

America's Oldest Standing Black School House Found in Williamsburg
Priscilla Hart

My Optimism about the New Arab Revolt
Daniel Pipes

Fort Sumter Sesquicentennial: Charleston Changes Her Tune
Ethan J. Kytle

The Third Reich in History: An Interview with Richard Evans
Aaron Leonard

Militarist Madness
Lawrence Wittner

Afghan Expert Thomas Barfield on Bin Laden's Death
David A. Walsh

Wrong "Correct" Answers: The Scourge of the NAEP
Paul Burke

The Rise and Fall of the American Jewish Establishment
Jack Ross

What's Wrong with HBO's Dramatization of John Adams's Story
Jeremy Stern

Why Teach For America is Not Welcome in My Classroom
Mark Naison

Bill Moyers and Robin Lindley: Continuing the Conversation—The Renowned Journalist on His New Book, His Career, His Brushes with History, and Where We Stand Now
Robin Lindley

"Witness to an Extreme Century": An Interview with Robert Jay Lifton
Robin Lindley

Obama's Wrong about Unilateral Military Action—Just Ask Abraham Lincoln
David Gray Adler

Herman Cain: The Man from Pizza
Alexander Heffner

Rick Perry's "Niggerhead" Camp Is Only Part of the Problem
James Loewen

Occupy Wall Street is Absolutely Exhilarating
James Livingston

History is Worth Fighting For, But Where is the AHA?
Jesse Lemisch

Kissinger's "Diplomatic" Review of John Gaddis's Latest Book
Jim Sleeper

Newt Gingrich the Galactic Historian
Ray Smock

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