Ike family still upset with design

The family of Dwight D. Eisenhower on Wednesday said it welcomed some aspects of a modified design for a memorial to honor the former president on the National Mall, but still has reservations about other components.

The architect Frank Gehry changed the design in response to concerns raised by the family and others. The family had primarily objected to Mr. Gehry’s sculptural depiction of Eisenhower as a young man, a characterization inspired by a speech the returning general made upon his return from World War II in which he recalled his days as a “barefoot boy.” But the family said the focus on youth had diminished Eisenhower’s other accomplishments.

Under the redesign, several statues depicting Eisenhower at various stages of his career were added and the family made no mention of that issue on Wednesday except to call many of the changes “positive and welcomed.”...

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