Memorial to Cockleshell Heroes of WWII Unveiled on Merseyside (UK)

A memorial to a war hero whose exploits helped shorten WWII has just been unveiled.

Captain Albert Laver, from Birkenhead, was one of the Second World War "Cockleshell Heroes" whose audacious raid on German ships is now commemorated with a plaque at Woodside waterfront, in Wirral, across the River Mersey from Liverpool.

Laver was part of a 10-man Royal Navy team and is believed to have either drowned or been executed after successfully sinking a number of enemy merchant ships.

Operation Frankton involved commandoes canoeing 70 miles up the Gironde estuary, paddling by night and hiding by day until they reached the Nazi-occupied harbour of Bordeaux, some 60 miles from the sea.

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