St. Mary’s college students may have uncovered history

Students at St. Mary’s College of Maryland think they may have found the site of the home of Thomas Gerard, who oversaw thousands of acres known as St. Clement’s Manor when Maryland was still a colony.

Despite his land wealth and political influence, Gerard joined a brief rebellion against the Calvert family, which established the colony. The land where Gerard is thought to have lived is now home to Levi and McCue, two American paint horses off Oscar Hayden Road, near Bushwood.

The archaeological group of the anthropological research methods class from St. Mary’s College spent several Saturdays digging around the Foxwood Farm in the fall. The landowners, James and Gena Clifton, said they had suspicions 10 years ago that there was a deeper history to the property. They opened their land and home to the students while they worked....

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