The most interesting tidbits from the Clinton document dump

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The National Archives posted the biggest batch of previously unseen documents from President Bill Clinton's White House years Friday, the fourth installment of its every-other-week deluge of Clinton administration e-mails, speeches and internal memos. This group includes several documents related to then-first lady Hillary Clinton's work on health care and other issues. The papers are of particular interest right now because they provide a window into Hillary Clinton's thinking and priorities as she ponders a second presidential run.

We're reading through the 7,500 or so documents to find the most interesting parts and will update as we do:

[HNN Editor:  These are the subsections in this story]

  • 1. Clintons needed Chelsea's future mother-in-law on health care
  • 2. Clinton crime bill overshadowed by Whitewater and O.J. Simpson
  • 3. Boxer or briefs?
  • 4. Hastert "tool" of Republicans
  • 5. Ira Magaziner held back in interview with Haynes Johnson and David Broder for their book about health-care initiative
  • 6. Magaziner described delicacy of tasking Hillary Clinton with health care
  • 8. Lee Iacocca "obligated" to Clinton over NAFTA push
  • 9. Address Lewinsky scandal in 1999 SOTU?
  • 10. Hillary positive press strategy - "doing it all"
  • 11. Bill Clinton: If you like your plan you can keep it.
  • 12. Gore sought a little White House love

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