CONFIRMED: the Shrine of Jonah/Mosque of Yunus (Nineveh, Mosul, Iraq) has been destroyed

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The photographs are new, from different angles, from different moments in the process, from different people of different politics; their details match up with the details on other photos and satellite images. Christopher Jones (@cwjones89) and I agree: it’s gone; the Islamic State has blown up the Shrine of Jonah/Mosque of Yunus.

Claim, evidence

The geographical and architectural plan of the destroyed site is the same as that of the Shrine-Mosque of the Prophet Yunus (or Younis) and its Tomb of the Prophet Jonah. The terracing, walls, portals and arches of the ancient site are the same. The water tower, roads, street lamps, vehicles in the surrounding modern neighbourhood are the same. The many photographs all correspond with each other. This has happened.

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