Now ISIS is destroying gravestones in Mosul

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There are reliable reports coming from Mosul all stating that armed groups if the so-called “Islamic State or ISIS” have begun a  determined and systematic campaign to destroy all grave stones (Shahid) in all the cemeteries of the city.  Mosul is well known for its historic cemeteries that numbered over 17 including those of Bab al-Maidan, al-Mishahda, Sheikh Hanash, Bab al-Tob, al-Kawazin, Nabi Sheet, Imam Abdul-Rahman and Sheikh Fathi.  Christian cemeteries are included too. ISIS is also using prisoners to destroy as many graves as possible as a new form of redemption. 

The destruction of these cemeteries, some of them go back to more than 800 years, is another great loss of cultural heritage and a crime against humanity perpetrated by fanatics who seem to make it their top priority to erase all material evidence of culture, history and memory.

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