From presidential nominee to freshman senator? Romney would make history if he runs.

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During his first run for the White House, in a speech at a fundraiser in Los Angeles, Mitt Romney mused about the career prospects of vanquished presidential nominees. The former Massachusetts governor said he had “looked at what happens to anybody in this country who loses as the nominee of their party, who loses the general election.”

“They become a loser for life,” Romney continued, in a scene captured in the acclaimed Netflix documentary “Mitt.” As his audience broke into laughter, he added: “It’s over. Mike Dukakis, you know he can’t get a job mowing lawns.”

A decade later, Romney, who failed to win the 2008 Republican nomination and as the party’s candidate went on to lose the 2012 election, is now reportedly weighing a bid for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

So much for being a lifelong loser, or an unemployed mower of lawns.

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