Seattle history teacher targeted by Alex Jones and trolls for lambasting YouTuber PewDiePie for antisemitism

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Seattle police responded Tuesday to Hamilton International Middle School as an incident at the school blew up on right wing social media.

It all started with some posters put up around the school.

The posters asked people to subscribe to a YouTube channel run by a guy who lost his contract with Disney for putting anti-Semitic and Nazi imagery in his videos (this NPR story has more information about him). The YouTuber has claimed he was misunderstood.

A history teacher at the school told his students that when they put up posters like that, they’re promoting what the YouTuber stands for.

As the teacher was talking, a student secretly recorded the lecture and posted it online. Postings of the video got 89,000 retweets and drew the attention of InfoWars, the website where Alex Jones, the popular, right-wing conspiracy theorist, promoted the PizzaGate conspiracy theory.

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