Massachusetts Historian Works To Solve Mystery Of Anonymous Graves

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A Massachusetts historian has been working for years to solve a 60-year-old mystery. Who is buried in the MetFern Cemetery? That's the resting place of nearly 300 residents from two now-shuttered institutions for people with mental and physical disabilities. WBUR's Eve Zuckoff tells us their identities could have been lost forever if not for one man's commitment and a partnership with local high schoolers.

YONI KADDEN: I'll introduce you to one person right now.

EVE ZUCKOFF, BYLINE: This is Yoni Kadden, a teacher at Gann Academy in Waltham, Mass. We've just walked about 15 minutes off a main road into the woods, into a clearing the size of a football field. Kadden is looking for someone we can easily miss.

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