Roundup Top Ten for March 20, 2020

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The Shortages May Be Worse Than the Disease

by Elise A. Mitchell

Societies further their own destruction whenever they fail to provide anyone health care, housing, or dispensation from work because of their employment, socioeconomic, or immigration status.


We Need Social Solidarity, Not Just Social Distancing

by Eric Klinenberg

To combat the coronavirus, Americans need to do more than secure their own safety.



Hurricane Katrina Provides Lessons about Closing Campuses

by Andre M. Perry

Students in New Orleans needed resources to return to normalcy. But when racial wealth gaps are the norm, a stumble can become a fall.



Work Requirements are Catastrophic in a Pandemic

by Elisa Minoff

Instead, we should be implementing policies that support people’s work in the wage labor force and make it possible for working families to make ends meet.



Counting Everyone—Citizens and Non-Citizens—In the 2020 Census is Crucial

by Brendan A. Shanahan

Even without a citizenship question, the Trump administration wants to shape how states reapportion their legislatures.



Why Sanders Isn’t Winning Over Black Voters

by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

For millions, even when government “works” it is not working for them.



An Epicenter of the Pandemic Will Be Jails and Prisons, if Inaction Continues

by Amanda Klonsky

How will we prevent incarcerated people and those who work in these institutions from becoming ill and spreading the virus?



Democracy: How 1860 Connects to 2020

by Daniel W. Crofts

In the years before the Civil War, just as today, minority rule was the norm. White Southerners dominated the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party dominated the federal government.



College Worth Fighting For

by Ryan Boyd

Professors are in a class struggle, a real fight that cannot be won with critique alone.


We Can’t Forget Women as We Tell The Story of COVID-19

by Jennifer Brier

Women who have been medical (and political) subjects of HIV/AIDS also have much to teach us during our current pandemic.

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