Roundup Top Ten for November 13, 2020


Kamala Harris Shows Women Can Thrive In Politics Doing Things Their Own Way

by Kimberly A. Hamlin

Kamala Harris's candidacy shows a new path for women in public life: being judged as an autonomous human being, rather than as a wife or mother. This will be a radical change if it sticks. 


I Was a Detroit Poll Challenger. The GOP Came to Make Havoc.

by Danielle L. McGuire

"The counting hadn’t even started yet; the ballots hadn’t yet arrived at the counting boards and already it was clear that the GOP challengers were there to sow confusion and suspicion."



Will the Trump-Biden Election Disaster Finally Convince Us to Scrap the Electoral College?

by Kevin M. Kruse

Abolishing the Electoral College isn't a radical idea. It had bipartisan support in the 1960s as a reform consistent with the Supreme Court's rulings that established "one person, one vote" as the core principle of representation in a constitutional democracy.



Millions of Americans have Risen Up and Said: Democracy Won't Die on Our Watch

by Carol Anderson

Every maneuver by Trump and his enablers to block voting was met with a more powerful and effective counter-maneuver by citizens. It had to be.



The Keystone State is Ringing

by Ed Simon

"Far more capable tyrants than Trump have been felled by Pennsylvania. This vanquishing feels like George Meade turning back Picket’s Charge at Gettysburg."



Voting Trump Out Is Not Enough

by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

The results of the 2020 election show that the Democratic Party will fail unless it is willing to abandon a futile effort to woo Republicans to the center and embrace popular policies that meet the needs of Democratic constituents. 



Black Feminists Taught Democrats To Go Broad And Win Big

by Erica R. Edwards and Sherie M. Randolph

Since the late 1960s, Black feminist activists have viewed grass-roots participatory democracy as means of radically reversing systemic inequalities by enfranchising the disenfranchised and engaging the people who are routinely seen as politically untouchable in debate and consensus-building.



Although Now Required by California Law, Ethnic Studies Courses Likely to be Met with Resistance

by Nolan L. Cabrera

A scholar who studies racial dynamics on college campuses, argues the benefits of required ethnic studie courses outweigh their liabilities.



Measuring the Health of Our Democracy

by Heather Cox Richardson

Donald Trump saw the fading of his power to control political narratives as news organizations labeled his charges of election fraud as baseless. 



Trump's Latest Executive Order is a Head Scratcher to Historians

by Jim Grossman

"There is no shortage of contentious publications and conversations among professional historians about concepts like critical race theory or arguments like those advanced in the 1619 Project. But neither constitutes “child abuse,” which is a serious crime."


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