2,500-year-old Achaemenid dam in Iran demolished

TEHRAN -- Didehgan Dam which was constructed some 2500 years ago during the Achaemenid dynastic era (550-330 BC) to the north of the world heritage site of Pasargadae in Iran’s Fars province in order to prevent seasonal flooding in the region has been demolished as a result of removing soil in the region by bulldozers.

Announcing this news, Mohammad Jafar Malekzadeh, secretary of the high commission for dam construction of Fars Regional Water Organization, told CHN: “A very high technique was implemented in construction of Didehgan Dam which has made it unique in the world. The core of this Achaemenid dam was constructed by soil and it was covered with stone -- something which has not been seen elsewhere. However, the activities of bulldozers of a private company in the vicinity of this historic dam have caused some serious damages to parts of Didehgan.”

Didehgan was recently discovered during archeological excavations in the region.

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