Confused about history in the UK

Britons have a bewildering lack of knowledge about their country, a survey suggests.

Stonehenge was built by the Romans, and Hadrian’s Wall is in China –- these are two of the misconceptions in the poll of 3,000 people commissioned by UKTV History...

A quarter say that the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall, are among the Seven Wonders of the World, confusing them with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. According to one in five, the Pennines are between France and Spain; and for 18 per cent, Stonehenge was built when the Romans were here –- rather than dating back to three millennia previously.

Adrian Wills, of UKTV History, said that the survey showed how little people knew about Britain, “from traditions to landmarks”...

Not quite . . .

1. Official UK animal is bulldog: 39%
2. Leeds Castle is in Leeds: 34%
3. White Cliffs of Dover made of sandstone: 28%
4. Lost Gardens of Heligan, in Cornwall, are one of Seven Wonders of the World: 23%
5. Pennines are between France and Spain: 21%
6. Do not know who is on back of £10 note: 20%
7. Stonehenge was built during Roman Empire: 18%
8. Hadrian’s Wall is not in UK: 15%
9. Nelson’s Column is not in Trafalgar Square: 12%
10. Lake District has an entrance fee: 7%

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