Jewish community sues police for allowing Nazi salutes (Czech Republic)

Members of Plzeň's Jewish community are suing police for allowing extremists at Saturday's demonstration to raise their arms in a "Sieg Heil" salute and to shout anti-Semitic slogans in front of the town's main synagogue, Radio Impuls reports.

In spite of protests from the Jewish community and other members of the public, the Supreme Administrative Court allowed some 200 neo-Nazi sympathizers, heavily guarded by police, to march through the center of Plzeň Saturday. The court ruled that Plzeň Mayor Pavel Roedl had illegally canceled a previous march, scheduled for Jan. 19.

According to Czech law, if police perceive Nazi propaganda or actions, including the salute or racist slogans, they would be required to break up a march.

Members of the Jewish community say they informed police that marchers were raising their arms in the illegal Nazi salute but that police ignored them. Police and municipal officials present at the march deny they were notified of illegal actions or that they saw any such actions.

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