Virginia man says Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial contains factual errors

Although an opinion piece details factual errors at the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial, much work was done to ensure the memorial contains accurate information, says Wayne Stillman of Rochester, the memorial's chairman.

On Tuesday, the Star Tribune of Minneapolis published an opinion piece written by Mark W. Powell of Arlington, Va. Powell saw the monument while visiting a friend in the area last December and said the memorial "fails outrageously" in surveying America's military history.
"Dozens of factual errors -- many substantive, several unfathomable -- abound," Powell said.

Some errors Powell noted were related to dates: The Versailles Treaty was wrongly cited on the memorial as being signed on Nov. 11, 1918, for example, when in fact it was signed the following year.

Powell also criticized the memorial for containing "obvious and false superlatives."

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