World Jewish Congress Shocked About Continued Sale of 'I Love Hitler' T-Shirts on Amazon.Com

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) strongly criticized the continued sale by the leading US online retailer of T-shirts praising Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. I love Hitler shirts for children and women were still being sold on the website as of Thursday, 24 April 2008, 16:00 GMT. In January 2008, Amazon had pledged to remove offensive shirts following an article in the Czech weekly Tyden.

We are shocked and disgusted that is seemingly unwilling to stop the sale of such items, in spite of protests earlier this year. Not only is the slogan in bad taste, but to target children with clothes emblazoned with pro-Nazi slogans is particularly despicable, the WJCs Secretary-General Michael Schneider said. Companies have a responsibility. To make money with items glorifying the Nazis sets a very bad example. A lack of sensibility will ultimately do them serious damage as customers will rightly go and shop elsewhere.

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