Obama's temple--and James Madison's

This was the headline in the NY Post today, a reference to the edifice erected at Invesco Field for Barack Obama's acceptance address.

Coincidentally, today the folks who run James Madison's home dispatched an email to the media about"Mr. Madison's Temple"--a real one.

According to the press release:

Mr. Madison’s Temple is the representative symbol of Montpelier, President James Madison’s lifelong home in Orange, Va. It is a fitting symbol for Madison — who was first elected president 200 years ago in 1808. The temple encompasses Madison's intelligence and love of the classics, his appreciation of natural beauty, and his understanding of the useful and practical ways of men. The temple is classic in form and beautiful in its setting, and yet beneath it lies an ice well — two stories deep.

Mr. Madison's Temple illustrates the different facets of James Madison's personality: the visionary who chose the civic architecture of the ancient republic of Rome to symbolize his dreams for the new American republic; and the practical man who served cool refreshments during the summer months — a luxury in the 1800s. The temple represents the aesthetic beautifying the functional.

Mr. Madison’s Temple was designed in 1802 by William Thornton, architect of the nation's Capitol.

According to Mike Allen's column in Politico.com, the Obama temple story began with a report on Drudge and then migrated to the McCain campaign and media outlets. It became big news on cable news stations throughout the day.

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Randll Reese Besch - 8/29/2008

The corporate press's move to claim Obama sees himself as 'the One' re Holy One anointed for leadership. It is in fact a slur that is promulgated like so many others through the CMSM like a virus. The problem of monopolies.

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