Lawmakers: Give first black boxing champ a pardon

The first black heavyweight champion should be granted a presidential pardon for a racially motivated conviction 75 years ago that blemished his reputation and hurt his boxing career, the House recommended Friday.

Jack Johnson became world heavyweight champion in 1908, sparking a search for a white boxer, dubbed "the Great White Hope," who could beat him.

In 1913, Johnson was convicted of violating the Mann Act which outlawed the transportation of women across state lines for immoral purposes. Authorities had first unsuccessfully tried to charge Johnson over his relationship with a white woman who later became his wife.

They then found another white woman who testified that Johnson had transported her across state lines in violation of the Mann Act.

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John R. Nordell, Jr. - 9/30/2008

Giving the late black boxer Jack Johnson a pardon after all these years is a blatant example of racial pandering by politicans who swim in a seemingly bottomless pool of white liberal masochistic chic.

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