Deborah Katz Hunt

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Deborah Katz Hunt received her B.A. in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara and went on from there to graduate school (at the University of Pittsburgh and Rutgers) in the same subject. After witnessing-with growing horror- the devastation being wreaked on the study of literature by deconstructionism (which still makes no sense to her and she suspects to no one else), she left the field, went to law school for one year and after some dilly-dallying in film studies, settled on educational psychology and philosophy of education. She has ever since delighted in studying how children learn (and don't learn), why public schools don't work (and can't work), and what good policy should be. She currently is the Education Director for a private, nonprofit organization. Her dream is to make a profit in education. Deborah delights in her son, her husband, and her small Japanese dog. She resides in Oregon, Wisconsin, a pleasant 15 minute drive (30 min. in winter) from Madison, Wisconsin--just far enough away not to be affected by its socialist yearnings.

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