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  • Yale Resolution

    by HNN Staff

    GESO Resolution WHEREAS Yale graduate employees have been trying to unionize for twelve years. AND WHEREAS, whatever our opinions on unionization, we believe that discussion around this question should occur in an atmosphere which reflects the values of the academy. AND WHEREAS an academic labor panel was convened on September 20, 2003, to consider charges of intimidating and coercive behavior by the Yale administr

  • National Constitution Center Issues Report

    by Bruce Craig

    On "Constitution Day" (September 17) a report prepared for the National Constitution Center found that most Americans do not have detailed knowledge about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, yet they have absorbed its core values of protecting the rights of all citizens. The report, "Knowing It By Heart," also found that nine out of ten Americans also believe America should be a land where children are taught both the good and the ba

  • New Director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History

    Oct. 17, 2002 Media only: Linda St.Thomas (202) 357-2627 ext. 108 Melinda Machado (202) 357-3129 Brent D. Glass Named Director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History Brent D. Glass, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission in Harrisburg, Pa., has been named Director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, Behring Center. Glass is well known in museum communities for his scholars

  • The Complaint Against Rashid Khalidi

    by Elizabeth O'Neill

    Editor's Note: UPDATE 6-21-05 New information has come to light since we originally went to press with this story. It now turns out that there has been conflicting information on whether or not Professor Khalidi was the author of the article posted under his byline on the website of the American Committee for Jerusalem (which is now defunct, though the news part of the website remains active). The president of the success

  • Ward Churchill: News Stories

    Latest stories are listed first. Ward Churchill/Tenure: University of Colorado regents want to know how ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill was granted tenure without going through the usual process. Once the immediate issue of Churchill's future is settled, the discussion of how he received tenure will take place"big time," Regent Pat Hayes said Friday.

  • Saudi Arabia's Doomsday Plan

    by Rick Shenkman

    Saudi Arabia, bracing for the possibility of an attack either by an outside power or restive Shiite residents, implemented an intricate doomsday plan in the 1980s giving officials the power to blow up their ow

  • The Nixon Library Controversy: The Fallout

    by Rick Shenkman

    The NYT has published a long article about the Nixon Library controversy, saying that the cancellation of the Vietnam history conference has put in doubt plans to transfer Nixon's records to the Yorba Linda facility. The article followed by a day the filing of a protest petition by 16 of the historians who were scheduled to appear at the conference. They want Congress to suspe

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  • Deborah Katz Hunt

    Deborah Katz Hunt received her B.A. in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara and went on from there to graduate school (at the University of Pittsburgh and Rutgers) in the same subject. After witnessing-with growing horror- the devastation being wreaked on the study of literature by deconstructionism (which still makes no sense to her and she suspects to no one else), she left the field, went to law school for one year and after some dilly-dallying in film studies, settled on

  • Historians Against the War (HAW) Resolution

    On Saturday January 10, 2004, the Business Meeting of the American Historical Association unanimously approved the following resolution, which was proposed by Historians Against the War (HAW): HAW Resolution In view of current efforts to restrict free speech in the name of national security, the American Historical Association affirms the sanctity of rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, the decisive importance of unfettered discussion to the pursuit of historical know

  • News Archives: Latest

    Click here for the index to the HNN News Archives. Anger as Berlusconi Defends Il Duce Cleopatra's Dye Secret is Revealed Scholars Identify Biblical Tunnel Billionaire in Court Fight over 'Fake' Pharaoh Anger as Berlusconi Defe

  • Smithsonian Salaries--Too High?

    by Bruce Craig

    This bulletin is excerpted from Dr. Craig's weekly newsletter. HOUSE APPROPRIATION COMMITTEE TAKES SMITHSONIAN TO TASK On July 9, 2002, while considering FY 2003 Department of the Interior and Related Agencies appropriations bill, members of the House Appropriations Committee expressed displeasure over high salaries being paid to top officials, singling out the $588,000 annual salary paid to Smithsonian Secretary Lawrence Small. The salary well exceeds that of the President

  • Connecticut Slashes Spending on History

    by Bruce Craig

    The following is an excerpt from Dr. Craig's weekly newsletter: CONNECTICUT HISTORICAL COMMISSION FUNDING SLASHED Following up on a recent posting ("Tennessee May Zero Out SHPO" in NCC WASHINGTON UPDATE, Vol. 8, #27, July 3, 2002), it seems that Tennessee is not the only state to have problems funding its history and preservation offices. We have heard of similar budget problems in New York, Massachusetts, and other states. Now we learn that the Republican governor and Democratic

  • Bellesiles

    by HNN Staff

    HNN has been told that that the independent panel appointed by Emory University to investigate Michael Bellesiles's Arming America has finished its report and submitted it. The university told HNN that it will not have a comment"until the end of the summer," sticking by the schedule announced in the spring. Mr. Bellesiles has declined to comment. The names of the panel members are secret. The university has indicated that it may never reveal their names even after