Angela Davis, Former Most Wanted Woman, kicks off Women’s History Month

The women of the world have even more reason to be proud of what they have accomplished during the entire month of March as the country celebrates National Women’s History Month.

Thanks to women in New York City factories who held a protest over their working conditions in 1857, there is an entire month dedicated to women everywhere. Although it started out as just a day, National Women’s History Month was lengthened to a week and now it is expanded into an entire month.

On Feb. 23, WSU Women’s Center helped sponsor “An Evening with Angela Davis”, a lecture that kicked off the National Women’s History Month celebrations. The Women’s Center plans to hold a number of other events throughout the month of March, including a ‘Women in Art’ Exhibit. This will be on display from Mar. 15 until Mar. 20 in the Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries in the Creative Arts Center.

Angela Davis, Ph.D., the main speaker at the lecture on Feb. 23, is a known feminist scholar, writer, and social activist. Her lecture was intended to be about her work and accomplishments as well as her experience in jail in the 1970s after being placed on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted List”, Davis spoke a lot of Black History Month and President Obama.

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