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Joyce Appleby

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Walter Nugent

Emeritus professor of history at the University of Notre Dame and the author of Crossings: The Great Transatlantic Migrations (1720-1830)

Gil Troy

Professor of history at McGill University and the author of See How They Ran: The Changing Role of the Presidential Candidate and Affairs of State: The Rise and Rejection of the Presidential Couple Since World War II.

Liz Cohen

Professor of history at Harvard and the author of A Consumers' Republic: The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar America (Knopf, 2003), Making a New Deal: Industrial Workers in Chicago, 1919-1939 and co-author of The American Pageant, a college U.S. history text.

James Banner

Co-founder of the History News Service and author of The Elements of Teaching (Yale University Press).

Leonard Steinhorn

Professor of Communications, American University and co-author of By the Color of Our Skin.

Lewis Gould

Eugene C. Barker Centennial Professor Emeritus in American history at the University of Texas at Austin and author of The Modern American Presidency.

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More Comments:

Rosemarie Black - 5/31/2003

I am so delighted to have found this site.
I am a British born Australian citizen with an Israeli son in law and a Mexican/Spanish daughter in law who has antecedents both German Jewish/catholic. I like many of my generation were taught little, if any contempory history and through a busy workinhg life and raising a family,I, like so many, had no time to absorb much more than the daily crumbs on the television news and tabloid press.
However since the start of the the war to remove Saddam Hussein
I have been on a journey of discovery an awakening awareness, thanks to the discvery of Front Page Magazine & Newsmmax and Andrew Sullivans BlogsI have been led to your site.
It is such a wonderful thing to be able read intelligent,thoughtful and acurate recording of the truth behind world events that are going to shape our world for generations to come. Had it not been for my introduction to the internet I would still be an admirer and disciple of the likes of John Pilger My views whilst still much as always remain on the conservative side I can now discuss with so much more knowledge and clarity than before ,backed up with facts I can print off.
My aging husband who will never take to the computer asks me to print off articles now so we are both reaching enlightenment.
Thankyou once more and I pray that the thinking and intelligent in the Muslim world especailly the womanalso get to learn the real truth of their doctrine.

Claire - 3/31/2003

Why such a nasty response to a reasonable question? Not everyone spends their whole life logged onto a computer and/or learning the terms, Net Daemon. By the way, your handle says it all, doesn't it? Get a clue, you pimply-faced, boney-assed, computer geek/fag. How'd that feel?

Net Daemon - 2/27/2003

Get a clue. Short for weBlog... Go to http://www.google.com/ and do your own research.

gjdruce - 2/10/2003

please explain what the word BLOGGERS means.

Gary Melickian - 1/28/2003

Please put me on the mailing list for this publication. Thank you

tom rand - 1/14/2003

Dear sirs,

It appears to me that all the controversy over the origin of the cold war boils down to political philosophy, Those on the Left blame the US and those on the right the soviets. Unfortunately, current events rather tgan carefull, unbiaseed historical analyses, seem to determine the winner. For example, the Vietnam era favored the Left and now the demise of the Soviets favors the Right. Is there any usefull reason to continue to beat a dead horse?
Tom Rand

Gary Sauer-Thompson - 1/9/2003

I do not know whether you history guys are keeping a finger on the frontier history debate in Australia, and the popular history of Australia by the National Museum of Australia arising from the work of Keith Windschuttle and various conservative commentators.

I quick scan indicates no. This debate, conflict fits right into what you are doing. Do check it out.

You can find an entry into the frontier history and the culture wars in a post by Dr. Cathie Clement, The Battle for Australian Minds, at my public opinion blogspot, on Monday Jan 6th


then scroll down the pages to oterh stuf ont he National Museum of Australia

Other material can be found at Robert Corr's blogspot http://mentalspace.ranters.net
scroll down the pages

the more philosophical issues of writing and interpretation are being addressed at


Also various posts at John Quiggin's blogspot at http://johnquiggin.blogspot.com/

Lots of links have been put together by Cathie Clement and they can be found at

I would also like to say that I love the work that you guys are doing. Its very classy, your ethos is spot on, and your conception of being involved in public debate dead right.

public opinion

John - 1/6/2003

Has it gotten this bad in this part of academia? If someone, rather politely, asks for a little balance and a little less shilling (let's face it, it's Bush-bashing time around here 24/7) the lame retort never answers the question. Obviously, it is beneath discussion since 'we all know' what is promoted at HNN is blogging truth. As I recall, Michael Bellisles was defended around here for his 'reality,' which did indeed turn out to be merely a point of view...err, lie.

Ross Hardter - 12/21/2002

While I only found your site today and haven't had an opportunity to explore it thoroughly, I'd still like to say how happy I am to see it. If your political point of view is not having a political point of view, that particularly pleases me. I have had quite enough of proselytizers and propagandists.

Though I live only a few miles from George Mason,I found the site by chance, through http://www.aldaily.com (Arts and Letters Daily), in New Zealand, another site open to all points of view.

I should also mention that I especially like the book review section.

I only wish I could find a comparable site covering the field of American classical music, another grossly neglected subject.

skippy - 10/13/2002

are they shilling for a political point of view or for reality?

Bill Crews - 10/4/2002

You really should try to get a little balance. Allowing your non-profit website to shill for a political point of view is disturbing. The fact that at least one of your "history professors" has no grasp of the either the US Constitution or American political history is equally disturbing.

Domonique Bastone - 9/23/2002

How can I contact people on the advisory board?

Gene Clanton - 9/12/2002

I would just take this opportunity to congratulate all of you folks at HHH. You aren't careful, you may wind up making histol history and historians relevant once again.

More power to you.

Gene Clanton

James Matthews - 9/10/2002

I just got your link from Buzz Flash today. I was surprised to learn that I am not alone in this world. Your articles and comments were the best I have read in some time and I was pleased to find the site. I live in far north California where the really radical right is in full bloom and control. When I commented to a fellow at the gym who was quoting scripture to support his political views, I commented that the Bible is just a book. The appalled silence made my day but I am not the most popular guy there. Keep up the good work. I hope we can continue to get the truth out and get the political changes we need.

Mick Williams - 9/10/2002

Dear Sir/Ma'am: Please send me an e-mail address of someone to contact to get your free weekly newsletter. Unfortunately, I cannot use the hotlink on your website to do so. Mick Williams

Rick Perlstein - 9/5/2002

Rick, I've asked you this before, but I need the data again for a proposal I'm writing for a long essay on history and the public. Can you give me the stats on HNN's founding, explosion with the Ellis affair, and continued growth? All best, Rick Perlstein