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    Comments in some cases have been edited. Click here for the archives. Steven L. Kaplan: He Knows More About the History of French Bread than Anyone Ever Has So Who Is David Brooks? Should Columbia University Tell Who Funded the Edward Said Chair in Middle East Studies?

  • NEW KID ON THE BLOCK 11-06-03I am pleased to join Liberty and Power.  As I told David when I was invited, there are several writers on this list whose work I've admired for some time.  It's awfully flattering to be invited to join such an august group.  I hope I can hold up my end of the bargain. I author the majority of my blogging work at SCSU Scholars.  SCSU is

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    Richard Pipes: The Reluctant Power Scholar Edward Said's Legacy: A Negative View How Gerhard Weinberg Discovered Hitler's Second Book Professor of Art History Honored by Smithsonian for book About Banned Homosexual Images Wilbur H. Siebert: A Memorial Marker to Commemorate His Research on the

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    Click here to return to the latest entries in Comments About Historians. Eric Hobsbawm: No Apologies Eric Hobsbawm: Lying to the Credulous Eric Hobsbawm's Romance with Communism Thomas Reeves: Howard Zinn Is Not Courageous Stephen Howart