News at Home

  • The Devil and Mary Lease

    by Alan J. Singer

    Populist and feminist agitator Mary Lease advised farmers to "raise less corn and more hell." Her brand of hell-raising, however, included a strong current of antisemitism that needs to be widely known.

  • Reckoning with Marcus Whitman and the Memorialization of Conquest

    by Cassandra Tate

    The same period that saw the public affirmation of the Confederate Lost Cause myth saw a proliferation of monuments that portrayed the conquest of the indigenous people of the west as virtuous pioneering. The case of Marcus Whitman shows a national reckoning is in order.

  • The New York Con

    by David Marks

    Supporters of the president will eventually realize that they trusted a man who despised them.

  • There is Nothing Sacred About the Military Vote

    by Rachel Gunter

    After a patient count, Joe Biden has claimed victory, and fears that late-arriving military absentee ballots could be subject to litigation that might decide the election have receded. This is fortunate, because history shows parties won't hesitate to interfere with the military vote for political advantage.

  • An Embarrassing Failure for Election Pollsters

    by W. Joseph Campbell

    Pollsters problems predicting the 2020 election deepened the embarrassment for a field that has suffered through – but has survived – a variety of lapses and surprises since the mid-1930s. 

  • Making History: A Dispatch From Early Voting

    by Ron Steinman

    We must commend those who stood on line and stood up for democracy. That these people waited and then voted means that as a people we are still on track in preserving the Republic and what we contend, despite attacks on its value, it still stands for. 

  • Conservatism Needs a Hard Pruning of Trumpism

    by Jeff Bloodworth

    If there is to be a healthy conservative presence in the Republican Party and the American political system, supporters and enablers of Donald Trump's abuses will need to be cleared out. 

  • The Presidential Tradition of Knowing When to Quit

    by Wallace Hettle

    Donald Trump apparently does not believe in the concept of "bad publicity," which removes a major set of incentives for him to follow the lead of previous losers of bitter elections and exit the scene quietly.

  • Will the 2020 Winner Be Empowered to Make Big Changes?

    by Michael Nelson

    A scholar of presidential politics suggests that a first Biden term is more likely than a second Trump term to achieve sweeping change through the political process, though it's far from certain Biden seeks a transformative presidency.