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FBI investigates Kent State professor over possible ties to ISIS

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A Kent State University professor with a history of anti-Israel rhetoric is under investigation by the FBI about possible ties to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

An FBI spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday evening that associate professor Julio “Assad” Pino is being investigated.

“Because it’s an ongoing investigation, I can’t say too much about it,” the spokeswoman said.

Contacted by phone, Pino denied connections to the radical Muslim organization.

“I’ve never broken the law. I support no violence or violent organizations,” he said. “One man or one woman’s interpretation of events can be very different from another’s. As they say, ‘Haters gonna hate.’ Truth always prevails, and truth will prevail in this case.”

He said he suspects his outspoken behavior about unrest in the Middle East led to the investigation. ...

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