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  • Oscar Handlin, Historian Who Chronicled U.S. Immigration, Dies at 95 (9-24-11)
  • Amnesty has volatile history (5-19-07)
  • Former Braceros Leery of Guest Worker Plan (5-30-06)
  • Failed Amnesty Legislation of 1986 Haunts the Current Immigration Bills in Congress (5-23-06)
  • 100 Years in the Back Door, Out the Front (5-21-06)
  • Behind Bush's Address Lies a Deep History (5-16-06)
  • National anthem in other languages? Heard this before
  • Immigration debate old as U.S. (5-6-06)
  • Growing Unease for Some Blacks on Immigration (5-4-06)
  • Articles, Excerpts, Podcasts

  • Ian Goldin: Immigration Reform is Overdue (7-3-11)
  • Vernon M. Briggs, Jr.: Illegal Immigration and the Dilemma of American Unions (3-7-11)
  • Erika Lee and Judy Yung: Angel Island's History Offers Lessons on Immigration Policy (1-21-10
  • David Holtby and Tobías Durán: The Two Albu[r]querques (1-27-08)
  • Joseph Yannielli: Should the Children of Undocumented Immigrants Pay More to Go to College? (7-13-07)
  • Jean Pfaelzer: What's scary about the immigration debate? (7-13-07)
  • Andrea Althoff: Will Hispanic Immigrants Vote for Democrats or Republicans? (7-13-07)
  • Elliott Young: The Federal War on Immigrants Is a War on All Workers (7-1-07)
  • Rick Perlstein: Fencing with fellow liberals over the necessity of a wall between us and Mexico (6-27-07)
  • Aviva Chomsky: Fallacies of the immigration debate (6-5-07)
  • Michael Lind: Give legal residents a chance to become citizens fast (6-1-07)
  • Paul Krugman: Why liberals should be concerned about the immigration bill (5-25-07)
  • Donna R. Gabaccia: Today's Immigration Policy Debates ... Do We Need a Little History? (11-21-06)
  • Michael Barone: The New Americans (8-7-06)
  • Daniel Altman: Immigration Math ... It's a Long Story (6-19-06)
  • John Tierney: Securing the Border (Again) (6-6-06)
  • Daniel Pipes: New Route to the West (6-11-06)
  • Edwin Meese: An Amnesty by Any Other Name ... (5-24-06)
  • Roger Daniels: An Old New Immigration Policy, Flaws and All (5-23-06)
  • James Ottavio Castagnera: Immigrant Floods Are Recurrent (5-22-06)
  • Daniel Patrick Welch: Americans' unforgivable attitude toward immigration (5-22-06)
  • Mark W. Naison: If History Is a Guide, The Immigration Debate Is Going to Get Ugly Very Fast (5-20-06)
  • Richard White: Border Crossing (5-19-06)
  • WSJ Editorial: Reagan on Immigration (5-17-06)
  • The Immigration Debate [multiple audio clips] (5-16-06)
  • Dino E. Buenviaje: Strangers in the Land: An Old Theme Replayed
  • Interview with Otis Graham: The Immigration Crisis (podcast)
  • Interview with David Gutierrez: What Is Wrong with the Immigration Debate (podcast)
  • Ralph E. Shaffer and Walter P. Coombs: We Have Sung It in Many Languages (5-7-06)
  • Sarah Hines: America's Last Guest Worker Program ... The Bracero Program: 1942-1964 (4-21-06)
  • Michael Barone: Remembering the immigration act of 1965 (4-11-06)
  • James Ottavio Castagnera: This Is Not Your Grandpa’s America, So Get Over It (4-2-06)