Behind Bush' s Address Lies a Deep History

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The headline news from President Bush's immigration speech on Monday was troops to the border, but in substance and tone the address reflected the more subtle approach of a man shaped by Texas border-state politics and longtime personal views.

In an effort to placate conservatives, Mr. Bush talked tough about cracking down on immigrants who slip across the United States' long border with Mexico.

But the real theme of his speech was that the nation can be, as he phrased it, "a lawful society and a welcoming society at the same time" and that Congress could find a middle ground between deporting illegal immigrants and granting them immediate citizenship.

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matt eugene hood - 7/1/2007

Illegal immigration is economic treason committed by our elected officials who refuse to obey the rule of law. They give democracy a black eye who leadership is a disgrace to us all,who's immoral and unethical leadership will bring choas to this nation. Democracy has failed to protect this nation from those who would use our history to emotionally blackmail this nation into obediance by the wealthy who depend on socialism for the rich and cold blooded capitalism for the poor! The non-wealthy have become a slush fund for the few!