Gorsky Report: Dec 23, 1949


This report was prepared for HNN by David Lowenthal in connection with the article, Did Allen Weinstein Get the Alger Hiss Story Wrong?.

Translation of KGB file 43173 vol. 2 (v) pp. 46-55, attached to Alexander Vassiliev to Hartwig, 1 Feb 2002, in Alexander Vassiliev and Frank Cass & Co Ltd, High Court of Justice Queen's Bench Division Claim No. HQ1X03222, Amended Particulars of Claim

Checked and corrected by Dr. Svetlana A. Chervonnaya against scanned photo copies of Jury Bundle pages 303, 304 & 305 (received from David Lowenthal, April 4, 2005) and Gorski 1, p.46-49 1a, p46-49 and 2 , p60 (received from David Lowenthal March 26, 2005).

April 4 - 20, 2005

[The scan of Gorski 1a, p46-49 missed the title of the document and its first 5 lines – which I transcripted from the scan of jury bundle photo copies of Alexander Vassiliev’s notes pp. 303-305. The latter pages miss several lines (numbers) which were transcripted from Gorskii 2, p60. Otherwise both texts are identical. This transcript follows pagination of jury bundle pp. 303-305.]

A. Gorsky’s report – to Savchenko S.R. 23 December,[19]49


p. 46

Field station [rezidentura] did not carry out instructions on acquiring agents and Since the middle of 1949 has de facto terminated any efforts to seek out recruiters and new agents.”

Refrained from reestablishing contact with agents who had not failed.

p. 47.

“In its practical operations, the rezidentura has proceeded along the path of least resistance, either involving into our work persons widely known for their contacts to the Communist Party

of the U.S.A. (“Jack,” “Guide,” “Lana,” “Rur,” “Kan [Kahn],” et al.) or trying to use as agents employees of [diplomatic ] missions of the [countries of] People’s Democracies who are sympathetic to us but do not have access to the information we are interested in.”

The responsibility rests with the deputy station chief [resident ] “Fyodor.”1 Due to his overload at his primary job , “Vladimir”2 cannot go deep into all the operational details.

p. 48.

It is essential to staff the Washingtonrezidentura with the best cadres of KI3 operatives.

Failures in the U.S.A. (1938-48)


p. 49.

“Karl’s” Group


1. Carl – Whittaker Chambers, former editor-in-chief4 of the “Time” magazine. Traitor.

2. Jerome – Barna Bukov (Altman), our former operative. Now in the USSR.

3. Leonard – Alger Hiss, former official of the State Department.

4. Junior – Donald Hiss, former official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

5. 104 th – Henry A. Wadleigh, former official of the State Department.

6. 118 th – F. V. Reno, former employee of Aberdeen proving ground s.

7. 105 th – Henry Collins, former employee of the Department of Agriculture, presently the director of the American-Russian Institute in New York.

8. 114 th – William W. Pigman, former employee of the Bureau of Standards.

9. “Storm”5 – Joseph Peters (aka Isidore Burstein), former member of the Central Committee of the CPUSA.

10. “Wig” – Lee Pressman, former legal counsel of the Congress of Industrial Organizations

11. 116 th – Harry Azizov, former employee of a steel-smelting company in Chicago.

12. 101 st – Peter MacLean, reporter and photo journalist, his use terminated in ’37.

p. 50

13. 103 rd – David Carpenter, newspaper employee.

14. 107 th – Felix Inslerman, place of employment unknown.

15. 113 th – Harry Rosenthal, employee of an insurance company in Philadelphia.

16. 115 th – Lester Hubsch, former employee of the Frankford Arsenal.

17. “Ernst”6 – Noel Field, former employee of the State Department.

18. “Rupert” – V.V. Sveshnikov [Sveshchnikov ?], former employee of the War Department

aka 19. “Richard”7 – Harry White, former assistant of Treasury Secretary Morgenthau, died in ’48.

“Lawyer” 20. “Aileron”8 – D. Silverman, former chief of planning and statistics division of the AAF

21. “Ruble”9 – Harold Glasser, former chief of the Monetary section of the Treasury Department

aka “Maurice”10 [crossed out]


“Redhead’s Group” [Blonde’s Group]


1. “Redhead” – Hede G umpertz, Wacek’s wife. In ’38 sent to the U.S. to carry out our assignments . Traitor since ’48.

2. “Wacek” [Vatsek] – Paul Massing, research associate [scholar] at Columbia University’s Institute of Social Research. Traitor.

[end of j.b. p. 303]

[start of j.b. p. 304 ]

3. “Oscar” – Oscar Bernstein, lawyer, was used for organizing covers for our workers in the U.S.

4. “Knyaz’” [Prince”] – Laurence Duggan (aka “19 th”), former official of the State Department.

(aka “19 th”) Suicide.

5. “ Jersh” [“Ruff”] – Franz Neumann, former consultant in the Department of Research and Analysis of the OSS.

6. “Vardo” – E. Yu. Zarubina, our former operative. [Residing] in the USSR.


p. 51

“Buben’s Group”


1. “Buben” [“Tambourine”] – Louis Budenz, former member of the Central Committee of the CPUSA, former editor of the newspaper Daily Worker, presently a professor at Fordham Catholic University.

2. “Bob” – Robert Menaker travel agent [traveling salesman ] of a variety of trade firms.

3. “Liberal” – Frank Palmer. Place of employment unknown. Former member of the CPUSA, broke with the Communist Party in ’37. “Buben” was recruited with his assistance.

4. “Ch ep” – Franklin Zelman [Zel’man], without specific occupation, husband of “Rita.” Was used as a “signaller” [Russian: sviazist ].

5. “Rita” – (aka “Satyr”). Sylvia Caldwell, technical secretary for a Trotskyite group in New York.

6. “Harry” – Rabinovich, our former operative, [resides] in the USSR.11


“Sound” and “Myrna” Groups


1 .12 “Sound” [“Zvuk”] – Jacob Golos (Raisin), our former illegal colleague in the U.S. Died in ’43.

2 . “Myrna” – Elizabeth Bentley, fomer vice-president of the company United States Service and Shipping Corporatation. Traitor since ’45.

3. “Tan” – Harry Magdoff, former official of the Commerce Department [literal translation ‘Ministry of Trade’].

4. “Ted” – Edward Fitzgerald, former official of the Commerce Department.

p. 52

5 . “Krot” [“Mole”]13 – Charles Kramer, former adviser to Senator Pepper.

6 . “Izra” – Donald Wheeler, former OSS employee.

7. “Sid” – Allan Rosenberg, former official of the Foreign Economic Administration [Literal translation: ‘International Economics Administration’].

8. “Dan” – Stanley Graze, Dan’s brother, former Department of Defense employee [crossed out]

State Department intelligence officer .

9. “Arena” – Gerald Graze, Dan’s brother, former Department of Defense official.

10. “Boii” [“Battle”] – Charles Flato, former employee of the Foreign Economic Administration.

“Eck” 11. “Raid” – Victor Perlo, former official of the War Production Board.

12 . “Robert” – Gregory Silvermaster, former official of the financial reconstruction

( aka PAL) corporation affiliated with the Department of Commerce.

13. “ Vim” (aka “ Pazh”) [“Page”] – Lauchlin Currie, former aide to President Roosevelt.

14. “ Pick” [“Peak”] – Frank Coe, former chief of the monetary division of the Treasury Department.

15. “ Zholud’” [“Acorn”] – Bela Gold, former official of the Commerce Department.

16. “Zhenya” – Sonya Gold, former secretary to the chief of the Monetary Research Administration of the Treasury Department.

17. “Tino” – Irving Kaplan, former employee of the Foreign Economic Administration.

18. “ Saks” [“Sax” or “Sachs”] – Solomon Adler, former employee of the U.S. Treasury Department.


p. 53

19. “Pilot” – Ludwig Ullmann, former official of the U.S. Department of War.

20. “Buck” – David Weintraub, former employee of the UNRRA.

21. “Iks” [“X”] – Joseph Katz, our old agent/group leader [gruppovik] co-owner of a glove

(aka “ Stukach” [“ Knocker”]). factory, a front that we set up. Is currently

“Knocker”) in Italy, where on our assignment is organizing

[j.b. p. 304 ends here]


[start of j.b. p. 305 ]

a firm to serve as a cover [front] of the underground messenger communication between Europe and the U.S.A.


22. “Adam” – Eve Getzov [Hetzov], employee of the “Jewish Welfare Board”

23. “Zajatz” [“Hare”] – Maurice Halperin, former official of the OSS

24 . “Kokh” – Duncan Lee , former OSS official.


25. “Muza” [ “Muse”] – Helen Tenney, former OSS official.


26. “Flora” – Ruth Rivkin, former UNRRA official.


2 7. “Mon” – Bernard Redmont, former employee of the Rockefeller Committee.14

28. “Mirage” – Robert Miller, former the State Department official.

29. “Dir” – Mary Price, former secretary of American journalist Lippmann.

30. “Gor” – Joseph Gregg, former employee of the Rockefeller Committee.

31. “ Fedya” [“Teddy”] – William Remington, former official of the War Production Board.

32. “ Ostorozhnyi” [“Cautious”] – Julius Joseph, former OSS employee.

33. “Ekho” [“Echo”] – S. Schuster, staff member of the Central Committee of the CPUSA.

34. “Irma” – Ray Elson, former vice-president of the “United States Service and Shipping Corporation.”

p. 54

35. “Grin” [“Green”] – John Spivak, journalist, prior to ’41 [worked on] the Trotskyite [line].


35.15 “Vadim” – A. V. Gorsky, former rezident of the MGB USSR in Washington, [resides] in the USSR.

36. “Lucya” [“Lucy”] – Pravdina, former AMTORG employee, wife of “Sergei,” the rezident in New York. [Resides] in the USSR.

37. “Sergei” – V. Pravdin, former rezident of the MGB USSR in New York. [Resides] in the USSR.

38. “Shtok” – our operative M. Shalyapin. [Resides] in the USSR.

39. “Gennady” – G. B. Ovakimian, fomer rezident of the MGB USSR in New York. [Resides] in the USSR.

40. “Albert” – A. I. Akhmerov, former illegal rezident of the MGB USSR in New York. [Resides] in the USSR.

41. “Elza” – Akhmerova, Albert’s wife, American, Soviet citizen. [Resides] in the USSR.

42. “Gruzd’” [“ Milk mushroom”] – Willard Parp, former employee of the Rockefeller Commission.

43. “Charlie” – Cedric Belfrage, former officer of the English intelligence rezidentura in New York. Presently a journalist.


The “Berg” – “Art” Group


1. “Berg” – Alexander Koral, former engineer of the municipality of New York.

2. “Art” – Helen Koral, Berg’s wife, housewife.

3. “S yn” [“S on”] – Richard Koral, son, student.

4. “ Dlinnyi” [“Long”] – Norman Hight [Haite?], engineer for the firm “Sperry Gyroscope Company” in New Jersey.

p. 55

5. “Smart” – Elliot Goldberg, engineer for an oil equipment company in New York.

6. “ Guron” [“Huron”] – Byron T. Darling, engineer for the Rubber Company.

7. “ Uchitel’nitsa” [“Teacher”, female gender] – Melamed, teacher in a music school in New York

8. “ Kora" [" Cora”] – Emma Phillips, housewife.

9. “ Lock” – Sylvia Koral, former secretary of the secret code division, Office of War Information.

10. “ Chizh” [“Siskin”] – Eduardo Pekino, businessman in Caracas, Venezuela.

11. “ Gonetz” [“Herald”]– Richard Setaro, journalist/writer, former employee of the “Columbia Broadcasting Systems”, presently in Buenos Aires.

12. “Artem” – A. Slavia kin, our operative. [Resides] in the USSR.

13. “Tven” [“Twain”] – S. M Semenov [Semyonov], rezident, technical intelligence for the KI in Paris, presently on leave in Moscow.

14. “Aleksey” – A. A. Yatskov, our operative, [resides] in the USSR.

15. “Juliya” [“Julia”] – O. V. Shimmel, our operative, [resides] in the USSR.

16. “Shah” – K. A. Chugunov, our operative, [resides] in the USSR.


A. Gorsky (Dec. 4816)


[end of j.b. p. 305 ]

1 Georgii [Yury] Sokolov.

2 Chief KI [Committee of Information] resident in the US Ambassador A.S. Paniushkin.

3 KI – Committee of Information of the Counsel of Ministers of the USSR organized following May 30, 1947 official decision. Temporarily brought MGB and military intelligence services under the same bureaucratic roof. This integration turned short-lived: following January 1949 government decision, military intelligence was returned under the roof of the Department of Defense. In its abridged form KI survived until early 1951.

4 In fact, member of the editorial staff.

5 One of J. Peters party names recorded in CP USA files.

6 OGPU intelligence code name of Noel Field, its State Department asset in late 1935-1936 (Hede Massing/”Redhead”’s group.

7 “Richard” – NKVD code name of H.D.White since September 2, 1944. Before that date had been “Lawyer” [“Lojer”] [Venona New York to Moscow 1251, 2 September, 1944].

8 NKVD code name used by A. Gorsky [“Vadim”] in operational correspondence of 1944-45.

9 NKVD code name used by A. Gorsky [“Vadim”] in operational correspondence of 1945.

10 OGPU agent at the Department of Justice since 1937.


12 Hereinafter yellow highlights indicate ticks against names in A. Vassiliev’s hand-written text.

13 Code name used for Charles Kramer in 1944-45. Previously “Plumb” and “Lot”.

14 Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs headed by Nelson Rockefeller.


15 Repeated number.

16 Obvious mistake in year [read: 1949]: either A.V.’s or Gorsky’s.

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