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Who Has Succeeded in Getting an Op Ed into the New York Times?

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Just for fun, HNN is keeping track of the historians in 2003 who succeed in placing an op ed in the NYT.

MIKE WALLACE"Madison Square Mayhem"1-11-03
STEPHEN PELLETIERE"A War Crime Or an Act of War?"
STACY SCHIFF"Vive l'Histoire"2-6-03
MAX BOOT"A War for Oil? Not This Time"2-13-03
DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN"The Man in Our Memory"2-17-03
JASON GOODWIN"A New War Opens an Old Wound"3-4-03
JACKSON LEARS"How a War Became a Crusade"3-11-03
ROGER MORRIS"A Tyrant 40 Years in the Making"3-14-03
NIALL FERGUSON"In Praise of Failed Diplomacy"3-23-03
JEAN EDWARD SMITH"Firefight at the Pentagon"4-6-03
ANTONY BEEVOR"Nobody Loves a Liberator"4-13-03
JOHN LUKACS"A Senseless Salute"4-14-03
ANDRO LINKLATER"565 Million Acres, Riv Vu"5-28-03
RICHARD NORTON SMITH"Whose Side Is Bush On?"5-7-03
IRIS CHANG"Fear of SARS, Fear of Strangers"5-21-03
RICHARD M. KETCHUM"The Day New York Declared Its Independence"7-4-03
MARY BETH NORTON"The Founders and the Fedayeen"7-19-03
DAVID GREENBERG"New Details, Same Nixon"7-29-03
MAX BOOT"America and the U.N., Together Again?"8-3-03
SAM TANENHAUS"How the 'Radicals' Can Save the Democrats"8-11-03
HENRY PETROSKI"Failure Is Always an Option"8-29-03
DAVID M. KENNEDY"From Pitchforks to Proposition 13"10-5-03
KEVIN BAKER"The Daily, Death-Defying Commute"10-18-03
MARK ESSIG"Continuing the Search for Kinder Executions"10-21-03
AMATZIA BARAM"Victory in Iraq, One Tribe at a Time"10-28-03
KENNETH T. JACKSON"From Rail to Ruin?"11-2-03
EDMUND MORRIS"Too Big a Man for the Small Screen"11-9-03
MAX BOOT"The Lessons of a Quagmire"11-16-03
SEAN WILENTZ"Another Master of the Senate"11-21-03
NIGEL HAMILTON "An Alternate History"11-21-03
DAVID CANNADINE"A Special Relationship, or an Abusive One?"11-22-03
RUSSELL SHORTO"UN-Pilgrims"11-27-03

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HOWARD N MEYER - 8/24/2003

During a year in which the principle barrier against use of force by one nation against another -- the United Nations Charter and a similar prohibition under customary International
Law forbidding such use save in legitmate self defense -- was
trashed by the United States in its war against Iraq, and made the United States more unpopular than its ever been,--(because of respect for international law throughout the "civilized world" the New York Times in its OpEd pages has avoided one word on the subject.Could no submission on that subject had enough literary merit to warrant publication? Of course not. Historians and other writers should have something to say about this, COLLECTIVELY. If interested respond via this medium

Thomas Cripps - 8/2/2003

It would be useful to know if historians who make it to the New York Times op-ed page have agents. No?