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Just for fun, HNN is keeping track of the historians in 2003 who succeed in placing an op ed in the NYT.

MIKE WALLACE"Madison Square Mayhem"1-11-03
STEPHEN PELLETIERE"A War Crime Or an Act of War?"
STACY SCHIFF"Vive l'Histoire"2-6-03
MAX BOOT"A War for Oil? Not This Time"2-13-03
DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN"The Man in Our Memory"2-17-03
JASON GOODWIN"A New War Opens an Old Wound"3-4-03
JACKSON LEARS"How a War Became a Crusade"3-11-03
ROGER MORRIS"A Tyrant 40 Years in the Making"3-14-03
NIALL FERGUSON"In Praise of Failed Diplomacy"3-23-03
JEAN EDWARD SMITH"Firefight at the Pentagon"4-6-03
ANTONY BEEVOR"Nobody Loves a Liberator"4-13-03
JOHN LUKACS"A Senseless Salute"4-14-03
ANDRO LINKLATER"565 Million Acres, Riv Vu"5-28-03
RICHARD NORTON SMITH"Whose Side Is Bush On?"5-7-03
IRIS CHANG"Fear of SARS, Fear of Strangers"5-21-03
RICHARD M. KETCHUM"The Day New York Declared Its Independence"7-4-03
MARY BETH NORTON"The Founders and the Fedayeen"7-19-03
DAVID GREENBERG"New Details, Same Nixon"7-29-03
MAX BOOT"America and the U.N., Together Again?"8-3-03
SAM TANENHAUS"How the 'Radicals' Can Save the Democrats"8-11-03
HENRY PETROSKI"Failure Is Always an Option"8-29-03
DAVID M. KENNEDY"From Pitchforks to Proposition 13"10-5-03
KEVIN BAKER"The Daily, Death-Defying Commute"10-18-03
MARK ESSIG"Continuing the Search for Kinder Executions"10-21-03
AMATZIA BARAM"Victory in Iraq, One Tribe at a Time"10-28-03
KENNETH T. JACKSON"From Rail to Ruin?"11-2-03
EDMUND MORRIS"Too Big a Man for the Small Screen"11-9-03
MAX BOOT"The Lessons of a Quagmire"11-16-03
SEAN WILENTZ"Another Master of the Senate"11-21-03
NIGEL HAMILTON "An Alternate History"11-21-03
DAVID CANNADINE"A Special Relationship, or an Abusive One?"11-22-03
RUSSELL SHORTO"UN-Pilgrims"11-27-03